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  1. It worked perfectly! Thanks @lucid for your quick reply and desire to help! Thanks BrashMonkey Team for the excellent fixes!
  2. I'm having an issue with appending event triggers. I appended a couple event triggers, one of which I appended with the same name in several frames. At each frame where it is called, I updated the same variables. After saving and re-opening Spriter, a couple of the sprite objects disappear and in their place in the hierarchy, the event triggers are listed in every frame, with empty objects on the actual animation. I am able to add the sprite objects back in, but can't delete the event triggers, and after saving and opening the program again, it reverts back to the same objects missing, the two
  3. I'll post some examples of my progress here as I learn the ins and outs of Spriter: (I wish opacity blending worked with .gif files)
  4. Here's what I have so far: Is this the style you had in mind?
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