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Character maps vs Entities vs using separate scml/scon files


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First of all, I am using spriter with Construct 2 (just in case you need that information to properly answer me.)


I really like spriter and I'm glad I bought it, but the proper use for each feature isn't really that clear. I asked the question first in someone else's topic, but after browsing the forum more I noticed that you told someone to "make a new topic for a new question" in another topic to be sure his question will be seen - so here I am and I will make the question clearer too.


I read the manual and watched the tutorials and it still isn't clear when we should be using the Character Maps, the Entities, or when to just make separate spriter files (scml/scon) for each enemy.


You said in another topic that it is better RAM-wise to make separate spriter files (though it was unclear if you meant for each enemies). I have like 36 enemies sharing the same walking animation. I was thinking of putting them all in the same spriter file and then either use character maps OR entities, but after reading your RAM post, I'm wondering what would be the best RAM wise. Would using 36 different spriter files (scml/scon) actually be better? But then, when would we use entities? and character maps?


Thank you for your time!

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For optimization purposes, use a separate scml for each character.


Entities are different characters, so I suggest you not use them with C2... its not terrible if you do, by any stretch, but you might as well just have each new character be its own scml file.


Character maps are best for if you want a character who can swap clothing, weapons etc on the fly throughout the game, or , for example, if you want a set of enemies to all be mostly the same (animation set, size, shape etc), but have different shirts, clothes, hair, etc etc



Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hello, sorry for reviving this post, I think that my question is relevant to the OP's.

Firstly, could you please clarify if entities are now supported within Construct 2..? Because I saw this video tutorial (

) and in it you say that entities are not supported in C2 and when they will be, the video will be replaced. Yet, from your answer to the OP, it seems like that they are supported now. (?)

Secondly, I am trying to create a cut-scene, that take place within an office, in which there are 2 or more characters interacting with the environment. For example, at one point, one character will stand in front of a chair. His body should obscure the chair. But at some point he will sit on the chair, so the chair's front arm should be in-front of him (I have prepared many cutouts for the objects, taking into account this possibility). The interactions are more like z-order rearrangements with people and scene objects. So, finally, the question is:
Should I make the room and it's objects one separate entity, and create different entities for each of the characters? If this is possible, I think it will help me a lot to compose complicated movements and interactions within the room!

Sorry for the long post, any advice will be very welcomed!

Thank you,

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Hi Elias,


To clarify, "entities" are simply groups of animations in Spriter, like characters for example, and this has been supported in C2 for quite some time, BUT the video you link to and the feature you're asking about is "SUB-entities", which are entire entities being used within an animation as though they are sprites.


Unfortunately until Edgar finishes the new reference implementation of Spriter, he will not be able to update the C2 plug (as the C2 plug will inherit allot of the code from the new reference implementation).

This is proving to be a time consuming task, due mostly to the flexibility we need to support some really cool features we have planned... so hopefully most will agree it was worth the wait once it's finished.


About your cut-scene issue, Because sub-entities are not yet supported in C2, I'd actually consider keeping each character as a separate Spriter file and object in c2, and choreograph their movement, animations, and z-order changes (between Spriter objects and perhaps between environment sprites like the table parts) in C2 via a handful of events, and a few invisible sprites to act as targets for the movement choreography. I know this is far from ideal, but currently that's the way I'd handle it.



-Mike at BrashMonkey

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