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I need help my armor for my character is differently sized , so when i switch my character mapping things dont always fit with the bones the way I wanted. Is there a way to set origins for certain images in spriter pro so that thing fall where they need to be


an example I have is small shoulder pads and big shoulder pads and so because the images themselves are different sized they get off positioned on the particular bone.

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Oh after searching i think i found a way around my problem....... so, I might have to export my animations in images


Like in this handy video


then all i have to do is make sure my character stays in proportion


otherwise i'm still trying to see if i can align my character mapping to work proper

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Hi Gussy,

It sounds like you're on the wrong track.  You just have to fix the default pivot points of your replacement images so that they will be properly positioned when they replace the smaller objects.


 To set an images default pivot point you just double click the image in the file palette.


Typically head images should have their pivot point at the base of the scull, where the neck would attack, upper arm images would have the default pivot point at the shoulder where it would attach to  the chest etc etc.


Of course, if you did not properly or intuitively set the default pivot points of your original images before assembling and animation your character this will be far less intuitive, because by default, the default pivot point of all images is top-left.



The important part about default pivot points starts roughly at 9 minutes and 20 second area of this very informative video.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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