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Flipping an Animation


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ok I got a Left walk animation but i want to copy it and flip it horizontally but just changing the X to a negative it shifts the entire thing and i also had a piece rotated a bit which results to the normal image of that particular sprite. I want this reversed so I can actually have a seperate walk animation, so what ever Item my character is holding will stay logical to what hand it's in.


so i know normalling in a 2d platform game sword in left hand would be in right hand when going in opposite direction , i've been animating my character in all Angles so that I can eventually have a Isometric game. Here is my character parts sheet that i've been animating with below. I think I did a pretty good job  :mrgreen:




I may just use Character mapping for this, and have items switching hands depending on direction which is another idea I have for getting around this


Any Ideas and help are much appreciated!!

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Hi Gussy,


You could indeed use a character map...you'd need a sword in each hand, and you hide one sword with one character map, and hide ther other with a second character map.


The option is to animate the player facing one way, then click the little "..." button on the right of the copy animation button...this leas you create a transformed clone of an animation.,. just set the x of the new animation to -1.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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