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Sprite transitions/high-to-low res question

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Hello all, new spriter user here. I'm starting on my first animations and there's something I've been wondering.

I may have missed this in one of the brashmonkey videos but I'll ask anyway: is there a way of transitioning between sprites?


I'll give an example of what I'm talking about - Say I have a character whose hands I want to change color at certain intervals.


Is there a way that I could 'fade-in' the new color while I 'fade-out' the old color?

obviously it would require some experimentation to result in a smooth transition, I just want to know if it is possible or a planned feature.


Additionally is there a way you can 'cross fade-in' animation parts? (basically the same as the previous question, just have it fade in from one direction)


Lastly, I'm using a program called particle illusion to help make animation effects. If I export the image sequences as pngs, can I use a combination of Sequential and Modular/Skeletal animation in my work. Assuming that I can, can Spriter allow for an easy transition from higher rez graphics to lower res graphics using the spriter mode or is there another program I should use that is better for that?


Thanks again!

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To fade from one image to the other would most easily be achieved as follows.... apply both images to the same bone, in the same exact position relative to the bone. (one above the other in z-order)...then animate to opacities of each image over the course of the animation as needed.


I'm not sure what you mean about cross-fading in animation parts...do you mean entire animations, or images again?  Outside of Spriter, in game engines, animations can be blended from one to another, but this doesn't cross-fade images, it basically tweens between one animation and the next as far as bone and sprites positions, angles sizes etc.


Yes, you can create sequential image animations out of any program that can export PNG images, then automatically import them into Spriter as animated objects in your animation.




Mike at BrashMokey

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Sorry about the lack of clarity, by 'fading across' i mean in that one part of an image turns invisible before another.


Perhaps a better term is gradient fade? I'm honestly unsure of the exact terminology... the reason i ask is because if it were possible i'd prefer to use that than the previous method of fading in and out.

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