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How do I duplicate bones/sprites?


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I have a side profile of a character I want to animate. So I want an exact copy of the left arm and left leg to create the right set. So basically I want select some bones/sprites and duplicate them to make new elements. How is this done?

Also how do I group sprites? So lets say I have a knee, lower leg, upper leg and foot, and then want to group them together as the left leg?

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The Wyrm

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If you select the topmost bone in the group, the upper arm bone for instance, then hit Z it will seelct all children bones and all the sprites attached to those bones.

Then hold CTRL and drag or rotate that bone and you will get a duplicate arm.

This thread has a shortcuts list that will be useful to you as well.


EDIT: Thread link was to old forum. Fixed it to point to the shortcuts topic in the updated forum.

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