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Mike at BrashMonkey

Spriter Run and Gun Art Pack now available. Only 5 days left

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Hi everyone,

We're proud to announce the release of our 4th Spriter Animated Art Pack, and the last in our series of Platformer based Art Packs. Our new Run N' Gun Platformer Pack is geared towards anyone interested in creating side-scrolling action or platformer games where the player has a gun-like weapon.


This is our most content-rich Art Pack yet, featuring several variations of a fully animated player character, brandishing either a gun, an arm cannon, or a sword, as well as a large assortment of basic enemies, a couple of boss style enemies, and an assortment of pick-up items and effects to add additional visual goodness to your game.


Here are a few reduced size, reduced color, 24 fps GIF exports of some of the animations available in the Art Pack. But you can preview the full art pack here (There might be a long initial loading time (over 100MB of content), but once the first frame is finished loading, the remainder of the preview should be much faster)


Don't forget, this new Art Pack doesn't just benefit those who purchase it. All who purchase Spriter Pro also receive Essentials versions of all of our Art Packs, and this one is no different. The new Art Pack is actually so content packed, that even its Essentials version nearly doubles the amount of art content that is provided for free to Spriter Pro owners. If you have already purchased Spriter Pro, you will receive an email with a links to all of your Essentials packs including this new one.

You can preview the Essentials version of the Art Pack here.

And speaking of Spriter Pro, don't forget, its official release is November 11th, which means that in just 5 days the Early Adopter Sale ends and Spriter Pro's full price of $59 will go into effect. This is the last chance to take advantage of this greatly discounted price, so tell all your friends and fellow game makers! At this time the prices of all of our first party Art Packs will also be increased.


As always, thanks everyone very much for your support and for your patience as we continue to add more value to Spriter and reach this important milestone. We couldn't have done it without your help.

Cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey


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Thanks for the kind words. There are two art packs on the way.. one an overhead environment and tile-set pack for use with JRPG Style games and with thhe RPG Heroes Art Pack, and another which will actually offer all the 3d models used to create the player ships in the Radius-Wing SHMUP Pack, so people can recreate the same customships easily as 3d models in Blender to render out additional animations, cinematic screens etc.

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