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I would like to propose that not only can the software be advanced, but so perhaps also can the website itself, and by extension the forum.

The first thing I noticed, before I even downloaded the program, was that there is no inbox and thus no private messaging available.

I wonder if this was done on purpose, and if so, I can see a few reasons that would be a valid design choice, but at the same time, I feel it could be an enhancement to the community to allow people to initiate conversations directly between each other, rather than always posting a public discussion.

Sometimes you just might not feel your topic is justified as a full forum thread, and I'm sure many thoughts or questions have gone by the wayside to avoid cluttering the public airspace (screenspace?).

Other things that could be implemented are a chat room, shoutbox etc. as well as new sections of the website devoted to reputable tutorials elsewhere on the web for things related to animation, art and game development in general.

I feel like this site could be not just a place for people to learn how to use the software itself, but how to develop art for games/movies or other purposes, with information ranging from the general to the very specific, from the basic to the very advanced, and that the community of Spriter could become a hub of artistic sharing of all types.

If anyone has other thoughts about possible additions to the forum or website, I'm sure everyone (as I am) would be all ears (or is that eyes.)

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Thanks for the suggestions Pikarus,

We'll start work on updating our website and forums in the near future and will take your suggestions into consideration and see what we can do. It's highly likely features like that will start appearing one or a few at a time instead of all at once.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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I appreciate the reply Mike and am glad to hear that.

I know I might seem to have more ideas (or at least more chosen to be shared) than the average forumite here but to be honest, that's not a new thing for me. I tend to get excited about things I become interested in, and am always thinking of ways expand my horizons and the ones of those around me.

However, I also don't want to inundate the forum with ideas or to flood the forum with a million and one 'suggestions' (see the feature suggestion thread) so if I seem over-excited please let me know and I will try to hold my tongue (fingers) a little.

Either way it's just that I dream big, and think Spriter really deserves big dreams :P


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