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[RPG prototype] Dan the Rabbit


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Dan the Rabbit



Click to try the early prototype



Dan the Rabbit is a turn-based RPG game prototype. It is a foundational application for some of my upcoming creative work. I wanted to build a dynamic and accessible fighting game thought for multiple platforms. It was also an occasion to start working on a personal art direction for characters and environments.


It is still in progress, although you can already try an early version!



  • • Painterly graphics
    • Smooth animations with Spriter!
    • A cute dynamic battle system

How to play

The game features touch (and mouse)controls. Simply touch a button in order to interact with it!



2014-06-13: initial post with the firstreleased iteration.


Upcoming features

  • • A richer environment with parallax
    • More animations!
    • An inventory

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Great that youre using assets from that platformer, im more fan of platformers tho and i cant see how smooth anims are because the game is quite laggy and definitely not even 30fps, id say its about 12 fps on my cpu.MAybe something to change quality would help.Maybe other users would have full 60fps i dont know.my machine is dualcore 3ghz

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Thanks bwwd. Here, it's running at 60fps on safari on my ipad3. However, I'm pretty sure it would be slow as hell on weaker devices. But on a computer, this seems strange. May I ask what navigator you are using? The construct event sheets are quite lightweight at the moment, they spike at 0.5% of CPU usage on my computer. It's very hard to nail the problem when the game runs smoothly. I definitely need to get a less powerfull device to further optimize my work!

Maybe you have no hardware acceleration on your navigator?

Thanks anyway, and have a nice day.


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I have firefox here, i tried it on my samsung galaxy s i9000 which is 1ghz and it drops frames much more + characters arent visible but i can click and spark/dust anim shows on clicked area.

I think speed is quite important if you would like to reach wide audiences and this game is fairly simple so i have no clue why it would lag with background and 2 characters only, maybe its how construct was made.

Most if not all flash and html5 games play fine on my computer but this one is dropping frames., maybe cause its stretched to 1280x800.

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The framerate is important, sure. It's just a prototype though, so this isn't key right now. Construct has good performances overall. I think that spriter is responsible for a third of the computing power required by the game, but it still shouldn't be slow on a computer.

On a galaxy S, and on an Android phone in general though sure, it will be very slow. It will only run on the canvas, with a very limited computing power. Once you get past the computing limits, FPS drop very rapidly. I'll need to get a couple of devices to see how this should be optimized.

PS: I tried it on my father's laptop, a weak computer with a 1.5 ghz CPU, and it does run at 60fps in chrome.

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For the past days, I've worked mainly on detailing the background elements. It's not the smartest approach to building up a project, but I needed a new piece for my art portfolio :


I've got some work to do at the moment, I'm making a website which shall contain some game design and construct-related resources (plus job-hunting). The next update of the game will be available by the end of the week though.

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