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Converting made animations to gif images


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Hi Aniketos,

I use a pixel-art based art program called Pro-Motion by www.cosmigo.com . It's pretty much the industry standard for true pixel art, tile set making, and old-school sprite animation.

As for the "ghosting", I assume you mean anti-aliasing...the fact that the pixels are filtered whenver an image is rotated or stretched in any way. Currently there's no way to turn off the filtering but eventually Spriter will offer a pixel-art friendly mode that never filters and which will let you place images at only full pixel coordinates instead of the ability to use decimal points.

We can't promise how quickly the pixel -art friendly mode will appear though...but it will be a free upgrade to all Spriter Pro owners.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Thanks for the info. I got the animations/character in game already via the generic java importer so there is no hurry and since I got the pro licence, I can wait ;) . Anyway sounds like a nice feature to have in the future, since I work a lot with low res pixel based characters.

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