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I think I'd like to hire someone to make my sprites...

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I'd like to hire someone to make my sprites for me.

First of all, let me speak of payment. I am planning to launch a Kickstarter for my game in April, but until then I have very little funds available to pay for work. That being said, I am looking for:

1) People who could do some work once I get the funding for this project.

2) Anyone who is willing to work for less than their desired rate until I get funding for this project. Once I have funding, I will retroactively pay you for the full cost of your work. (I must also stress that full compensation is dependent upon reaching successful funding for my game; if I cannot get the game funded then I will not be able to pay you any more than whatever up-front price we agree upon.) If you can do some up-front work for free, that would be ideal, but I understand if you still need some upfront compensation.

As I said, I want to launch a Kickstarter campaign this April. History teaches us that the better and more complete a project looks, the more likely it is to receive funding. That's why I'm trying to get some help on-board now; so that I can make a successful campaign more likely.

What I am most interested in having animations for right now is my main character, who is simply a knight wearing medieval armor. In the final game he will have three different suits of armor with interchangeable components, but for now I just need a simple set of full plate mail. I need animations for idle, run, jump/fall, crouch, attack, crouch attack, getting hurt/dying, and possibly a few other relatively common actions.

If you are interested, please contact me. Email works best; my email address is the same as my user name, follow by an @hotmail.com. You could also PM me or reply to this thread.

Please mention how much you would charge for a full rate, and how much you would be willing to work for before I receive funding (if you are willing to do so.) If you charge by the hour, please indicate how much you can accomplish in (x) many hours. Also, please offer me some links or samples to your work.

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best of luck getting your project going, Marscaleb.

I recommend a few things:

1) You should always mention the perspective the game is in..I assume side scrolling type, but after quickly reading your post once, didn't see if you mentioned it or not.

2) You really should have a better description of what the game will be to get people interested in taking part.

3) You should make a working prototype of your game engine ASAP. This is the only thing that will give artists faith that you might complete the game, or get funded in Kickstarter.

4) When you make your Kickstarter campaign, dont forget you'll loose roughly a third of your funding to taxes and that every milestone will take roughly 2 or 3 times longer than you think it will to finish.

5) Do NOT promise additional stuff in your Kickstarter Campaign as rewards that will take a lot of time away from creating the game! Just the Kickstarter campaign alone is easily a full time job for at least one team member!


Mike at BrashMonkey

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