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Top Down sprites needed for game nearing completion!


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I'm almost finished with a top down TD type game a little like Plants Vs Zombies, but with multiple upgrades and stuff. Its currently in a Traditional Fantasy style "working title 'Get the Goblins'", but its coded so that it can easily but changed to modern warfare, or cartoony like PvZ, or kid-friendly like honeybees and PoohBear, or holiday themed like defending santa's workshop.

I'm wide open on graphic styles. I have free sprites from OpenGameArt.org, but I'd prefer fresh, original art to make the game unique.

Personally, I prefer cartoony stuff (Angry Birds was hugely popular).

The game was written for WebBased gaming/Flash but I'm getting ready to port it to iOS and eventually Android.

I'd prefer for the spritestrips to be strips of 8 frames rather than a 4x4 grid, and in .png format, but as I said, I'm fairly open to working with a collaborator, rather than dictating specifics.

You can e-mail me at Hotmail if you want more info.

Thanks for reading!


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