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Dynamic Lighting with Spriter animations

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Thank you. I was lucky enough to be allowed to use the art of several amazing artists to demonstrate the tool. The art used for Sprite Lamp is also nice, but it has all been created by the same artist, and she had to paint the normal maps by hand, which was of course a lot harder to do.

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Hey that looks interesting, just that it looks like her underwear is emitting strong light :grin:

Ability to mimic believable lighting during cutout animation is something im trying to do myself in some animations, im adding semi transparent hand shadow to be visible on body when hand moves, this can add  some depth to animation.

Dlight looks lot better than spritelamp because it doesnt look like regular bump map on sprites, i think its a matter of time to find that sweet spot which will blend dlight effect with sprites even better, maybe if that light wouldnt be so diffused and didnt use perfect gradient or had some kind of dithering patterns instead of gradient from white to black you know like regular pixel art ? 8lMX9X7.gif


That kind of pattern could work better than perfect gradient which could introduce these fake looking highlights, it kinda looks like styles clash when you use light on sprites and light is diffusing everything a bit so it starts to look kinda like 3d but bit weird.

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@bwwd: I used a circulating light source for the animation, I think that is the reason why the light looks a bit inconsistent.


I have also thought about dithering effects for the lighting, and some kind of restrictions to preserve the palette of the original sprite in the rendered version.

However, as the tool's own lighting preview is just meant to tweak the map settings (it doesn't actually use the GPU and is pretty inefficient), I probably won't implement that, even though it would be nice for the re-rendering feature.

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with the current version of sprite dlight and with unity that's the closets that i got to rim light with my current character sprites, the light is behind the character and right, and there is another low intensity light  in front and left just so the character will not be completely dark, when the light is exactly behind the character is no rim light at all, no matter the range or the intensity, but there are workarounds on that issue, 


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