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Mouse behaviour changes after using space bar to move canvas


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I'm using Spriter b5, and have noticed that after using the space bar modifier to drag the location of the canvas around, all subsequent mouse behaviour can sometimes be altered.

I am unable to select and drag objects, and the mouse wheel scroll action zooms in and out at a location other than the position of the mouse cursor.

It's almost as if there is an offset being applied to the position of the mouse cursor, which has resulted from the canvas drag.

The conditions for recreating the bug are not apparent yet, as I can not consistently recreate this behaviour.



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When mouse wheel scrolling after the bug has occurred, a particular point on the canvas is relocated to under the mouse cursor position before zooming. This point will be the location on the canvas of the mouse cursor when the canvas drag action ended.

The locked zoom location on the canvas can be subsequently altered to a new locked location, by dragging the canvas with mouse and space bar again. Though, sometimes, this will reset the bug instead.

In addition to not being able to click-drag objects in the bug state, holding the space bar results in canvas dragging for all mouse movements, not just when the left mouse button is also depressed.

I can't recreate this consistently yet, but here are some possible requisite conditions: there needs to be multiple objects in a frame, then the canvas needs to be dragged using the space bar and left mouse button.

The bug is reset after restarting Spriter b5.

N.B. my mouse's middle, wheel button has never allowed me to drag the canvas.

*** EDIT ***

I am using Windows XP 32-bit.

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