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Scaling messed up the interpolation how to fix it?

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Need your help. I was trying to animate a cute dancing panda bear emote for my sister. The problem is that the bear moves are repetitive and partially only need to be mirrored which I did with (-)x scale. Somehow it messed up the interpolation. Can somebody help? I got footage of its weird behaviour + reference videolink in the description. I also replaced the images on an already existing rig. I hope we can resolve the issue soon and make my little sister happy.

Best regards wolf looking forward to learn and grow with you all 

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The easiest solution is to just create pre-flipped images of the head etc facing the other direction and then use the image swapping functionality to flip it when you need it flipped. You might also be able to do it by making some key frames of some objects set to instant, but that's much more complicated and likely a can of worms best avoided for this particular issue.


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