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Spriter Pro with IK Constraints in Unity?


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Hi, I'm currently looking for animated characters and have been trying to find this information for days: If I have Spriter Pro characters, and import them into Unity, be it via SpriterDotNet or exporting as a prefab via Spriter2UnityDX can I set constraints that I use in Unity? E.g. for weapons that have 360 degree aiming. In some test runs and imports I could not find a possibility. And before I hire animators or buy assets and buy a Spriter Pro license, I would first like to know if this is basically possible.

My scenario: I have a character with basic animations. If the character has a weapon in its hand, I want to animate the weapon and move some character bones (arms, upper body) using constraints (solver) on top of it. Is this possible, since Spriter does not include a Unity 2D skeleton?

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