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Manging interactions between sprites/ complex animations?

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I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or techniques for how to go about animating/building interactions between sprites/entities. For example, if I was making a beat em up game and one player would pick up and slam another, would this most likely be animated as a new sprite merging the two or would that probably be two sets of animations that need to be completed for the attacker and victim? Thanks


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If I understand your needs corectly, I'd animate them together, but then seperate them back to two distinct animations so that they are perfectly matched up with each other for positions and timing. Since they are characters, be sure to animate them with bones.

Once bother characters are perfected, you can then clone the animation so there are two exact copies of the animation, and the in each animation select the primary bone for the character you want to remove, and press the Z key, which will select that whole character, and press the delete key. (of course you delete the opposite character in the other animation, so one animation has one of the characters, and the other animation has the otehr character)

Hope this helps,


Mike at BrashMonkey

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