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Spriter 2 alpha version release (UX improvements)


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Change Log



  • Added zoom functionality to image palette. Zoom maintains hover focus even when grid columns dynamically adjust.
  • Added auto-scrolling when dragging an item near the top or bottom of the z-order window
  • Z-order window now automatically refreshes to display updated sprites following manual adjustments or timeline image swaps
  • Rigging mode now allows for simpler mesh repositioning via drag and drop, without needing to select 'Reposition Mesh'. When using this method, deformer control points will automatically move with the mesh


Changes and Enhancements

  • Overwriting a key (by making a change to an object) will now keep the easing curve of the old key


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing initial scrolling in the file palette window until viewport was adjusted
  • Fixed a bug where loading a project caused the Z-order window to display white squares instead of the intended sprites


Known issues

  • Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik
  • Visual bug when images armed for adding swappable image and mesh in reposition mode
  • Some pop-up ui elements appear below panels






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