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If I pre-order, what updates do I get after initial release?

Johnny Go-Time

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Hi there, I want to pre-order but I'm leery of how you specifically say "pre-order v.1.0 for $25"

What kind of ongoing support/updates will I have access to if I pre-order?

This tool looks great, but I don't want to have to pay every year for bug fixes etc...I may not even *use* it until 3-4 months after 1.0 is released, so it would be frustrating to sit down to try it in July, and discover that my version is already obsolete and I would have to pay again for v.1.5



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Hi Johnny. You get all 1.x updates for free. We have a long list of 1.0 and planned post 1.0 features, including features we haven't announced yet, and those are all planned for Spriter 1.x. It's possible one day there will be a Spriter 2 with a separate price, but as of now, all features we have planned will be part of Spriter 1, and included in the pro price. Also the free version of Spriter will be updated with bug fixes along with the pro version. It just won't have the upcoming pro features.

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