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status update for 1/31/12


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Hi Everyone,

Let me start this update by apologizing for this painfully long delay between new builds, and especially for the several clearly incorrect estimates which have come and gone in between. No matter how sincere one's intentions and determination, in software development, estimates can sometimes really miss their mark....especially when external, or in this case, internal factors impact ones ability to work consistently.

This current delay has gone on far longer than I could possibly tolerate without feeling I owe all of you awesome backers complete transparency as to the current state of the impending release.

So, first off, instead of more estimation dates with the best of intentions, I've started a thread on our forums which I update daily, listing what I'd done and what I have left to do before I can release the upcoming build. This is the new update method I'll be using until 1.0 is ready for release. You can keep track here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9807

Also, here is a thorough explanation for the cause of this builds ponderously long development time:

In addition to the previously (in past updates) mentioned stability and performance improvements, we also had some ideas for some post 1.0 features which would benefit from some core changes. Since I was in the process of reworking that anyway, it made sense to build that groundwork now.

However another issue crept up, having nothing to do with code, which is the greater cause of the continued delay and chain of embarrassingly off the mark time-estimates. Long before this Kickstarter campaign had started, my shoulders had been injured in an automobile accident. It hadn't been an issue until some time in December, when I started having some unsettling wrist and arm pain. I knew the release date was fast approaching, and so I tried to tough it out, assuming it was nothing serious, and would disappear on it's own. Unfortunately, now it's become clear the long hours at the computer were clearly straining my previous injuries. The pain spread throughout my arms and into my shoulders, and became impossible to ignore. I tried taking a few days off, with the intent of resuming full speed immediately. Unfortunately, it seems now I have internal swelling in my arms that makes it impossible to work through the day and night as I'd become accustomed.

Normally when we were approaching releases, I would enter crunch time mode, and work non-stop to ensure we were on or close to the estimated date. Over the past couple of months, time and time again I've been in denial about the severity of the arm issue, and tried to push through, making what felt like a realistic estimate, and trying to race to get it done. It's become clear, I can't do that until my arm is fully recovered and I need to pace myself.

I believe there is a simple fix to my arm...as there had been back when the injury first occurred (a cortisone injection), but I severely overestimated the efficiency of the medical system, and how quickly I could get in to have a doctor perform this simple treatment. After several appointemnts, the doctor seems to agree with my assessment, all the records are in order, and I have one more test to get done before they will adminster the injection, which should provide an immediate and complete fix. Hopefully, they get back to me soon, and we'll be back up to full speed. I've also recently had some success by totally changing my work-station to something less stressful on my arms.

Throughout all of this, because we repeatedly thought a cortisone injection, the new build, or simply a reduction in discomfort was just a couple of days away, we had considered it better to mention my arm problems upon release of this next build. We didn't want to seem like we were making excuses, or fishing for sympathy, regarding the extended delay.

The delays have gone on long enough however for us to start to feel as though we were being deceitful for not mentioning it, which I find less tolerable than the pain itself.

So, now that you've allowed me to get that off my chest, let me reassure you, even at its worst, I can still work and have made excellent progress with this new build. All of the hard work is done and there's just many small things I need to take care of before its ready. Also, now that all this under the hood retooling of Spriter is mostly finished, things have indeed been going much quicker, which will certainly lead to a better quality finished Spriter 1.0 than would have otherwise been the case. And now there are several unannounced awesome features that will be coming shortly after 1.0.

Thanks again everyone so much for your patience, understanding and support. We'll keep you updated via the forums. Remember to keep an eye on that forum thread (above) and remember, even now, I can still get at least some work done each day, and the doctors and I are finally making progress to get this situation under control.

Time for me to get some rest, but I'll be back to work tomorrow. I hope to see you on the forums.


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I know how it is to have computer pains, I've been through a lot. I highly suggest an Imak SmartGlove. I can't use a computer without it. I've been using them for maybe 7 years, they are great. I like the one with the thumb. I also use a Kensington Expert Mouse, which is a trackball that has a scroll ring. Normally you lose the scroll wheel with a trackball, which would be unacceptable, but this one is great. Pinching a mouse is never good, the trackball and especially the glove really helps. Ergonomics are of course important: knees 90 degrees, elbows 90 degrees, no armrests on your chair. One last little 2c, the rowing machine at the gym is the absolute best treatment for back pain from sitting at a computer. It works your rhomboids and is the one exercise that makes the most difference.

Best of luck!

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