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Spriter 2 version 0.8.6 release


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We're still focused on stability & usability for now, with cool features like motion paths (shown below) in the pipeline.




Change Log

Changes and Enhancements

  • Strokes now attempt to subdivide based on the length of the stroke rather than an arbitrary triangle size
  • Massive optimizations to many stroke rigging operations


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where changing zoom immediately after clicking a mesh could sometimes cause the mesh to resize
  • Fixed a bug where newly created contour points would fail to have any effect until another action caused the rig to refresh
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes newly created contour point verts would be affected by the wrong point's movement
  • Fixed a bug where undos on the creation of new contour points would sometimes not work correctly
  • Fixed a bug where adding a second child to a stroke would corrupt the hierarchy state resulting in unpredictable behaviour
  • Fixed a bug where adding a child to a stroke after a mesh was already added would cause the original mesh to inverse resulting in the mesh being squished at the origin
  • Fixed a bug where zooming immediately after selecting an object could still cause the object to get stretched under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to drag a mesh attached to a stroke, that other objects as children to the stroke would cause visual artifacts


Known issues

  • Stroke keyframes still show value editor even though you can't edit the values by right-clicking a keyframe
  • Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik






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