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Spriter C++ API How to download and use for 2D skeleton system?

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Hi Currently I am considering downloading Spriter C++ API  to use for a 2D skeletal animation system.

What I need the 2D skeletal animation system for:

1. I need to be able to create a 2D sprite using a 2D sprite image (check image url for example)

2. I need the 2D skeletal animation system to add limbs to my 2D Character.

Why do I need to add limbs to my 2D Character:

I want to rotate my limbs while my game is running causing my 2D Character image to bend, rotate, and move as I choose in game

Example of what I need the limbs for:

To create character movement such as a character running if I press forward

To create character aiming such as a character holding a gun and rotating the characters limbs or body as the mouse cursor moves as a crosshair

Can the Spriter C++ API do this and if so how do I download it and create something as described above?

2D Sprite Image example


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I never looked at the features of the API (I'm just an artist) but I think it only supports play-back of animations made in Spriter and maybe hijackings specific bones to make them behave how you want, regardless of what the Spriter animation data says to do with those bones. The feature would likely called bone override or something like that. I suggest you do a search through any documentation of the API or the code itself to see if you can find that feature (if it exists)

I'll ask Edgar (the programmer) when I see him online, but that might be a while.



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