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images are too high resolution, HELP!


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I am really stugling here. I silent over 4 hours creating a really complicated animation for a game I'm making. And I like working in high resolution when I'm creating my art. I finished my animation and I go to export to PNG and there is know way to zoom out. It looks like you can only export what the actual pixel count of the image is. So if you are working on an image that is bigger then your screens resolution! I shrunk the root images for fit on my screen but now my animation is all out of sack. It looks like exploded body pieces everywhere. I am in a big dead line and would really like some help. That is if it can be done at all. Fingers crossed

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Just how large were the sprites you were using?

You could temporarily raise the display's resolution to something that will hold the images, and export your files this way. This is assuming you are not already using 2560x1440 or 2560x2048, you have access to a high-end LCD or CRT, and that either of these resolutions would be enough.

As you have found out you can't just alter the source image files, as it throws the Spriter location and movement coordinates off. I can't think of an easy fix for this. It should be possible to create script to convert the spriter data, but it will require some thinking.

If worse comes to worst, just use the Spriter Object Frame zoomed in enough to just fit the image (with a solid color background,) and create the frames manually with a screen capture application. It will take a bit more time, but it is doable in a crunch.

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Ahh I like the screen capture idea! it wont be the best quality but it might do since the final image in game will be smaller. I actually spent another 3 hours last night re doing the animation with the smaller sprites because I couldn't wait , but i was using the skeleton from the high res image so it was not really fluid at all. I will try the screen capture method.

BTW I do not have access to a high res monitor I am capped at 1680 x 1050 and my image was around 2k res

Do you know if this will be addressed in the final version of sprinter? I think it is a pretty important feature to have.

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Hi (first post dance)

TL;DR +1

I third the request to be able to work at high resolution and export scaled versions.

Bonus points:

I wonder what proportions of artists/animators create in vector then export bitmaps? Come to think of it, is there any chance we could import/associate SVG/whatever for use with the bones to generate different scaled animations? Guess only with an exporting script that hands-off the bitmaps for Spriter to work with?

Cheers, R.

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