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my transparent image turned white after i saved it


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looks like what? did you try to attach an image?
Skin mode was a proof of concept unfinished features and has several known bugs, but I'm not sure if what you experienced is one of those known bugs so don't know how to work around it.
I have a feeling there's some small step you're not doing after creating the skin objects but before saving to finalize their state as a skin object and that's causing whatever the issue is when you reload the project, but that's just a guess.

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@Asukirik This really looks to me like the renderer of skin mode objects did not anticipate alpha masks.. I'm assuming your image is a gradient into more and more translucent colors.

Have you tried using a solid PNG (only either completely opaque pixls or completely transparent pixels in the image, like for a body part) to see of that looks right?

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