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Spawning Construct3 "sprites" from multiple instances of a Spriter Object.


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This might be a silly question, but I have had a REALLY rough time figuring out a solution of how I can spawn sprite objects in Construct3 from several instance of the same Spriter Object, does anyone know here on the forum? This is my scenario: Player uses "Slash"-sprite to hit "SpriterObject", then I want to spawn a "Hit"-sprite (+animation). I tried this:

- "Slash" on Collision with "SpriterObject" > Create "Hit" at SpriterObject.X & SpriterObject.Y.

This works as long as you hit a single instance of the Spriter Object. However, if two objects are caught up in the "Slash"-collision at the exact same frame. Only the last instance will get a "Hit"-sprite created.

In comparison, C3's "Sprite"-object has a built-in function called "Spawn Object", that fixes this issue. HOWEVER, This feature is not available for Spriter Objects (I'm using the drawSelf export to C3). I found a solution by creating the "Hit" object at SpriterObject > On Created, and adding "Hit" as a child to the Spriter Object, then replaying the animation every time "Slash" hits. This actually works. But it isn't really a solution, because, what if I want to spawn projectiles from multiple instances of a spriter object? In case they want to spawn on the same frame, only the last one will spawn a projectile. It would be great if the plugin offered a "spawn object"-function similar to C3's Sprite-object does

Perhaps there's already a much better way to do all of this? I might have been overthinking and making over-complicated workaround solutions? But I have been struggling with this for quite a while.

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