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Using Spriter For non game animations


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Okay, so i'm interested in making animations using motion tweens/rigging. I came across spriter and enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use (im kinda one of those "old dogs who cant learn new tricks" type of people).

with just a basic tutorial i was able to get a basic animation done in an evening


But what i didn't understand at 1st is that this program is meant for making animations for games. Unfortunately i have no plans right now for making any video games (maybe much further down the road). while i dont know all the aspects of the program it seems like doing a "non game" animation is not really possible with this program.

i'm just gonna ask if there is a way to do animations with this program? (in the case that i'm missing something).

some features i think i would need for animation (let me know if these are possible on spriter pro or even on the upcoming spriter 2)

-able to save animations as videos?

-having multiple animated objects out at the same time (like if i need to have 2 characters beating each other up)?

-in relation to the last feature, if there is a way to copy a rig and its animation for a type of cloning (like if i need to have a bunch of horsemen all doing a charge at the same time)

-able to save animation without following the animated objects? (in other words i need to have animations walk off the "camera")

If these tasks are possible with the program then great, and i can go through the process of learning them after purchasing the programs.

If these things aren't possible then i guess i can look around for another program (mayve if i need to make static position animated gifs i can still use the base spriter program). Although i would appreciate any suggestions for any animation program you all would know of that is even remotely as easy to use as spriter.


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