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Use demo to export to Cocos2D


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I dowloaded the free demo and the monster example. I am not able to export the files (neither export them to Cocos2d), hence I cannot evaluate whether I can use it right away for my project or if I have to wait.

I need to take the decision urgently in order to give instructions to the illustrator I am working with.

Thanks a lot :)

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The "Save As" feature works and creates an SCML file, whixch is an open data format which can be used with any game engine you might want if a plug-in or code to interpret the Spriter file is created.

I believe you're the same user who asked a similar question via email. Welcome to the community. I'm glad I was able to help get you started.

I am a little concerned.. (due to the fact hat you seem to be either on a very tight deadline or extremely eager to get started). I wan't to point out again that While Spriter is getting better by he day, its still very much in beta and there are still bugs and a great many features still missing. In the near future Spriter will be a joy to use and will be fantastic for full game production. Right now, however, with features like undo and bones not yet implimented and of course the occasional potential bug, you might end up with work flow issues or unintended stress.

We're working hard to get Spriter fully operational as soon as possible, but please keep its early stage of development in mind and please do not rely on the current version of Spriter for a complex game production with a tight deadline.

That said, please do report any bugs or feature suggestions and we'll adress them as quickly as possible.

cheers and good luck,

Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hello, first of all sorry about my bad english, second i want to say that Spriter is a great tool i've seen the tutorial and other vídeos and I am amazed with the results, my request is for code I'm using Cocos2d and I want a way to implement the animation i've created, How can i use the SCML file? and an example of code.

thank you very much

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