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Guy i have my game on greenlight and i am in a hurry, i just installed spriter kickstarter beta version ,the old one that can export, and when i move around things and turn and twist them i only get the final frame on each keypoint and nothing in between , the same happens for when exporting , i only get 4 or 5 pngs with the final movemnt applied and nothing in between, how do i fix this?/??? thanks

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Hi Lostfaith.

Unfortunately that beta version that you used did not have actuall tweening support. It also uses a diferent file format than the new new, finalized data format that the new alpha build (and all future builds) uses.

You should see an option in that old beta called "save for beta" or something like that..... If you save out a new copy of your file with that method, you should be able to load it into the new spriter alpha, which can tween, but It cant export PNG's yet. :(

Getting export of PNG's working better than ever with this new alpha is a top priority, so you shouldn't have to wait too long to get the best of both worlds.

Perhaps considder switching to the new alpha immediately and working on animations in anticipation o the export feature...

As a stop gap measure to export temp art out, you could use screen capturing from the canvas itself to get frames..of course this is tedious and you wont have alpha, but it can make good placeholder art until the actual export feature is ready.

I hope this was helpful.

As I said, export PNG is a priority...Edgar will report back when he has a clear idea of when this feature will be ready again.

thanks for your patience and support.

Mike at BrashMonkey

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