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Turn off Anti-Aliasing? Big issue.


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So, let me show you what I mean: Here's an example comparison:

RED = Photoshop

BLUE = Spriter


So as you can see, because of the AA going on, it "blurs" the image, this is kinda a big issue for me. Is this a planned feature for the next update? I can't use Spriter until this happens.

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Are you talking about how the images look when you're editing animation with Spriter, or how they'll look in your game?

In-game, your engine gets to decide how to draw the images. Spriter doesn't control that. If you're going to use someone's run-time interpreter to display the Spriter animations, you'll have to check with the author of the interpreter to find out what kind of control you have over rendering images.

I agree that a smooth/sharp toggle while I'm working in Spriter would be great.

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hi DoubleElite,

What VictorT said was right on the money, but also, don't worry, once all the key features are in, time will be spent to give Spriter a pixel art friendly mode, which will let you work, preview, export and export as full frame PNG's all with no filtering at all to perserve your exact pixels and colors.

This is not likely to happen until late December or slightly later though.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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