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Some questions about Spriter


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I've been briefly trying the free beta of Spriter and it looks like you've done a great job. I've been looking for a program like this for years.

I have a couple of questions though.

1. How well does Spriter work with isometric characters like in Diablo 2?

2. Is it possible to make different animations for different body parts and then combine them in real time in my game? For example in a run-and-gun game like the old Contra series I could have one animation for when the character is running and when he's shooting while running I could add an additional animation for the gun and arm movement in real time. I hope you understand what I mean.

Keep up the good work. :)

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1. This was mike's response to an iso question via email, and though some of it deals with an iso artpack, it's the best answer I can give:

A 2.5D adventure art pack is definitely one we plan on making. The most sensible approach to creating this or Isometric game animations has always been to first create and animate models using 3d software, then render it out into full frame images.

For the Spriter animation pack however, it won't stop there. Once all the frames are pre-rendered, they will be used as guides to (similar to "rotoscope") allow us to faithfully recreate each frame from separate body parts that we'll make by carefully chopping up certain key frames from the rendered model.

No matter what, creating full animation sets for a 2.5D game requires more work (because you need animations for multiple angles, which will demand many more body part images), but once we do all the hard work, it will still just be a matter of altering a handful (well, maybe in this case two hands full ;) ) of body part images to get your totally custom characters. The savings of Vram, file-space and time will still be proportionally just as big, AND Character maps to change armor, weapons etc is still just as possible.

Unfortunately I'm not sure when work on this particular art pack can begin, but after Platformer/Adventure and Game effects, it will be high on the priority list. If the funding continues at this pace, its possible we'll be able to consider developing this art pack in parallel by commissioning one of my pro 3d artist friends to help.



I understand what you mean, and yes this type of thing is planned, it will be one aspect of the features we started outlining here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/Spriter ... ainers.pdf

thanks for your interest

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