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Editing sprite corners in C2.


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Hello, I have been unable to solve one problem for a very long time. No one could help me in any forum, so I turned directly to the Spriter forum. In general, what I want to do. I have a ready-made person made in Spriter and transferred to C2. All the animations work, it's great, but I need to make sure that the person's HANDS are always directed in the direction of a certain object. I will describe how it looks. A man made in Spriter points a gun at his target. The goal is constantly changing its position. The hands must constantly follow the direction of the goal. How can this be implemented? Very necessary! I am looking forward to receiving an answer, preferably from the developer himself, so that this topic can be developed to a large scale.

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This is tricky but might be able to be done with the bone override feature in the Spriter plugin for construct:

you might want to check out the last few comments in this thread, especially the posts by Lucid:

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