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Having trouble with animating/adding frames

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So I'm new to the program and trying to create an idling motion for a character i made.
My problem is the following:
1: I have my initial position of the character:

2: I then add a frame at 200/400 time, where i move the Parent bone 2 pixels down, and then adjust the child bones a bit so the feet stay same place.
the created frame would look like this:

All good so far.
The problem starts here, where after doing that, the program adds a "jump" at 1/400 time, right after the starting point, where the whole body drops 2 pixels down.
Looks like this:
That makes the animation look choppy and jumpy. If I try to go into that spot at 1/400 and "repair" the posture, the changes ripple into the further timeline, changing things.
It's giving me a headache.

Any Ideas?

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Welcome Slomes!

A trick you can use for idle animations to keep the feet totally still is to simply de-parent the feet from the leg bones before you begin animating that animation. Meaning when there is only the base key frame at zero in the time line, make the feet bones or feet images no longer a child of the leg bones... that way, when you move the body or legs, the feet stay put.

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