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  1. So I'm new to the program and trying to create an idling motion for a character i made. My problem is the following: 1: I have my initial position of the character: 2: I then add a frame at 200/400 time, where i move the Parent bone 2 pixels down, and then adjust the child bones a bit so the feet stay same place. the created frame would look like this: All good so far. The problem starts here, where after doing that, the program adds a "jump" at 1/400 time, right after the starting point, where the whole body drops 2 pixels down. Looks like this: That makes the animation look choppy and jumpy. If I try to go into that spot at 1/400 and "repair" the posture, the changes ripple into the further timeline, changing things. It's giving me a headache. Any Ideas?
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