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little help would be nice

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As soon as I want to do '' generate spritsheets for project images '' this message comes up. Cannot generated spritesheets for a projects that uses spritesheets. Save a resized projects to same size to remove spritesheets.

I can't figure it out and could use some help.

I like to hear it,

greetings Fabian

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3 hours ago, Fabian1996 said:

Hey Mike here i am again.

I made a hitbox in spriter with the attack animation.

Where can I find the hitbox in construct2? Is the hit box linked to the animation? Does the box have a different name?


I like to hear it


It should have been generated as a regular construct spriter with a name something like the nape of the spriter project followed by whatever name you gave the hitbox in Spriter. It is likely in a 'folder' (in the construct editor) with the other images that your spriter project uses.

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Ah, darn. I think the issue is you're using the draw self mode and importing the Spriter project form the get go in that mode, with a sprite sheet instead of individual sprites. I think maybe Construct does not create the collision sprites when you import this way. I'll have to check with Edgar.
In the meantime, if you zip up the entire Spriter project and send it to me I can verify the problem and hopefully come up with a fast solution for you.

of course I won't show or share your Spriter project with anyone. ig you want to, send it to mike@brashmonkey.com


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