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  1. Hey, I would like to add something to existing animations. As soon as I add something it doesn't stay visible in all frames all the time. How can I keep it visible? I like to hear it. Greetings, Fabian
  2. It worked! Thank you for the explanation and your time
  3. Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response I watched the video and downloaded the CAPX. Still I can't figure it out because it is quite difficult to understand. How do I connect a char map to a list? And how does the LocalStorage work for swapping? Could it be explained more clearly? I like to hear it :) Greetings, Fabian
  4. Hey, I am a beginner with Spriter and I am wondering how I can swap swords in Construct2 with SpriterPro. I have already made a char map, but I can't really find on the internet how to change weapons in C2. hopefully somebody can help me. Greetings, Fabian
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