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  1. Good day, Can you use the 'sprite Dlight' program with Spriter animations? That would be really cool
  2. Thank you for checking it out, hopefully you will be able to fix it :) I'm going to send the file
  3. Thanks for your quick response. The hitbox is not listed under Object types. Do I have to do something with the hitbox in spriter?
  4. Hey Mike here i am again. I made a hitbox in spriter with the attack animation. Where can I find the hitbox in construct2? Is the hit box linked to the animation? Does the box have a different name? I like to hear it Fabian
  5. Hey, As soon as I want to do '' generate spritsheets for project images '' this message comes up. Cannot generated spritesheets for a projects that uses spritesheets. Save a resized projects to same size to remove spritesheets. I can't figure it out and could use some help. I like to hear it, greetings Fabian
  6. Hey, I would like to add something to existing animations. As soon as I add something it doesn't stay visible in all frames all the time. How can I keep it visible? I like to hear it. Greetings, Fabian
  7. It worked! Thank you for the explanation and your time
  8. Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response I watched the video and downloaded the CAPX. Still I can't figure it out because it is quite difficult to understand. How do I connect a char map to a list? And how does the LocalStorage work for swapping? Could it be explained more clearly? I like to hear it :) Greetings, Fabian
  9. Hey, I am a beginner with Spriter and I am wondering how I can swap swords in Construct2 with SpriterPro. I have already made a char map, but I can't really find on the internet how to change weapons in C2. hopefully somebody can help me. Greetings, Fabian
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