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I'm genuinely peeved at the developers of Spriter for leaving it in such a haggard state. The least you could do is fix the bugs in Spriter. I understand you're working on Spriter 2, but this doesn't excuse you from leaving Spriter to the wayside. Well, done venting.

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A fair criticism. We'd not anticipated Spriter 2's development taking this long, and the intent was to (in a timely manner) replace Spriter Pro for most users with a more stable and powerful tool which would also be faster and easier to debug along the way when issues were found. We truly are sorry for that and very appreciative of the patience and support the community has shown us. We're very humbled by it and determined to finally get Spriter 2 to a fully usable and state and ready to improve on the Spriter Pro experience in every way as a free upgrade to a much more powerful and flexible tool.

That said, the vast majority of bug reports we've received for the last several builds of Spriter Pro are from people using the officially incomplete and unsupported skin mode. (which, again Spriter 2 is meant to alleviate by offering far more powerful and well supported deforming features ).

Most of the remaining bug reports we've been able to resolve by finding it was user error or easy issues to avoid once the user knows how. (not using unnecessarily giant images, avoiding quirks like you can't try to scale a sprite by the top left scaling widget, etc.)

Are there specific bugs which you've reported which we've not been able to help you with? As I mentioned, we've been able to resolve most of the ones reported to us for most users. Hopefully we can do the same for you.

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