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Animation problem?

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I am a beginner in animations and I got spriter with my drawing tablet and I use it only for smaller animations

I was able to do an animation like this before


but when I try to make (not the same but similar) animation now, all I get is this


I didn't try to recreate the first animation, I worked on a different animation and it didn't work as well (also lagging?) so I tried this one to compare

Is it something with settings? Or did I do something wrong when exporting the gif?
Thank you for your help! ♥

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We need more information. We'd need to see your export settings and we need to know if the animation looks correct when you play it within Spriter. If it does, the it's almost certainly a badly set export option. You might need to record you screen so we can see everything that's happening to figure out the problem.

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