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Deleted Object Still Gets Exported


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Hello, I've been enjoying the software. There's a simple problem I'm probably just missing. I added an object to my project, and then deleted it from all frames (Shift+Delete) and the object is completely out of the "Hierarchy" and "Z-Order" tabs, but when I try to export a spritesheet with: "Generate spritesheets for project images" the deleted objects are still on the exported spritesheet.

How do I get rid of an object completely so when I export it, it isn't in the exported spritesheet?


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If available, some software programs have a feature to identify and manage unused assets.
To use this feature, look for a menu option related to 'Assets'
or 'Resources' and find a sub-option related to 'Unused Assets' or 'Clean Up.'
The steps required may vary depending on the software used, but this option should scan your project and identify any unused images, including those associated with deleted objects.
Follow the prompts to remove the unused assets from your project.

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