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Shorter Characters Using Char Maps

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I'm working on a fairly standard walk cycle for pixel art based characters, and I've been using character maps to speed things up for me. However, some of my characters are notably shorter than others, which is leaving gaps in the sprites. I tried adjusting the pivot points to account for the height differences between the shorter characters, but some of the body parts just rotate oddly. Is there a way to use character maps to account for character skins that should be shorter (or taller) than the base skeleton, or do I need to use some other method?


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No, that's not possible. You'd need a character map system that actually can replace bones or shorten bones to go along with the shorter images. This does not exist in Spriter Pro but eventually Spriter 2 might allow for such things.

You might need to create a scaled clone of the entire Spriter project for smaller characters, and then repaint the reduced-sized images for the new shorter characters.

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