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Cant make png sequence layer follow parent bone

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Hello! I am having a huge problem right now and I only have a week to fix it before I am going to an industry fair and I really want to have this animation for it!

I have a character that I animated in Spriter Pro but I didn't like the lip sync experience so I animated the lip sync in Toon Boom. I got the lip sync into a png sequence and I import the png sequence into Spriter Pro but when I parent the sequence to the head it doesn't cause the png sequence to follow the head, it just sits still. I then tried making a bone specific to the mouth, parenting the mouth to the mouth bone and making the mouth bone a child to the head bone. nothing. This is killing me. Please help if you have any idea how to fix this!

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Sorry for the delayed reply, and for not having an easy solution. I've tried the things you said you tried and as you discovered, they won't get you your desired results.
What is the target platform for the final animation?

If it's in a game engine like Construct or Unity, you could possibly pin the final lip sequence as a sprite to the head of the character inside the game engine instead of inside Spriter.

If you only care about inside Spriter itself, or exporting the final animation as a sequential image sequence, then you could use the sub-entity feature.


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