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Spriter 2 development ditched?

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I was wondering has the Spriter 2 development been ditched?
It seems that same thing is happening on S2 what happened to S1.

Which is focusing & prioritizing on other things:

Spriter 1 = Spritepacks
Spriter 2 = Pro Motion NG

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Hi ifaiella,

Don't worry, Spriter 2 development has not been ditched. It is and has been is our top priory. I know it might not feel like that due to the generally long delay in it's development up to this point. (We discussed some of the main reasons for the past delays here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/539087245/spriter/posts/1386631 )

We've been quiet recently because we're working on a big news update and something else which we hope will allow us to increase development speed on Spriter 2 now that the core of its engine is now complete. Part of the preparing for big news update was preparing this interactive roadmap so anyone can follow it's development in the most informative way possible. You can keep an eye on our progress here: http://brashmonkey.com/roadmap/

Regarding Pro Motion NG, it's important to know that it is developed entirely outside of BrashMonkey by Cosmigo, we only sell it on Steam and our own store here. None of Edgar's (the programmer of Spriter Pro and Spriter 2) time is used in any way regarding development or sales of Pro Motion NG. Nor is any funding that could go to expedited Spriter 2 development being channeled to marketing or maintenance of Pro Motion. Only I (the artist of the team) spend any time regarding Pro Motion NG, it's a tiny percentage of how my time get's spent. (mostly general business/infrastructure maintenance, customer support, etc).

It's similar with Spriter's Art Packs. While they are developed by BrashMonkey, they are developed mostly by myself. We have arrangements with two contributing artists so no revenue was spent in the development of them which could have gone to increasing the actual development speed of Spriter Pro or Spriter 2.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement and thanks to you and everyone else for your patience. We're nearing the home stretch for Spriter 2 and will build momentum in some very cool ways we'll be revealing soon.



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Hi Mike,

Sorry I meant Spriter 2 not Spriter 3, fixed that.

Thank you for the reply, it seemed that there wasn't anything happening with S1 development (or so it seemed on Youtube) there was only Sprite pack videos and such.
But surely you have to try to gain some other revenue models along with Spriter. These (Sprite packs + PMNG just seems that the focus is elsewhere than in the product itself.

thank you for clearing out the PMNG thingy.

Btw, have you thought of having canny.io or trello as more engaging roadmap instead of non-engaging C2 roadmap?

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