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Calvin Null

What engines use Spriter?

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The engine with the best Spriter support currently is Construct 2, followed by Construct 3. In my personal opinion, Construct is among the easiest yet most flexible authoring systems to learn to create 2d games. 

There is a free edition of Construct 2 which has limitations, the most important being it only allows 100 events, BUT it does allow the installation of plug-ins such as the Spriter one, and I've made an entire platformer game engine within that 100 event limit, complete with Splash and game over screens, menu, system, etc.

To my knowledge the free version of Construct 3 is more limited. 



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I suggest you check the full list of them. There's always the ones to actual languages like C and Java script. I'd have said Unity, but right now there seems to be compatibility issues with the latest builds of Unity. I'm looking into that.


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