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Sergio Sansovini

Spritesheet atlas issue with Phaser 2.6.2

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I've been trying for hours to export a spritesheet of my animation using the Spriter exporter.
It looks like whatever configuration I try, there is no way to control the frames rotations inside the output spritesheet, this risulting in Phaser rendering the sprite with its body parts randomly rotated and attached to the wrong points.

How can I force my Spriter Exporter to output a spritesheet containing only non-rotated frames?

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Can you clarify what you mean by "The Spriter exporter"?
Ideally, please record your screen while showing your attempt and the resulting issue or a series of screen grabs.
This should help us figure out the cause of the problem much more easily.
Though I must say I know nothing at all about Phaser, but hopefully someone else can be helpful in that regard if necessary.

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