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Can Spriter ‘warp’ a static image?

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At the moment not unless you either cut it into pieces and rotate and stretch the pieces via bones, or opt to use the un-finished skin mode, which while having some known bugs, can be used to great effect for warping images etc. However, only use skin mode with the knowledge it has bugs that won't be fixed, and it's not supported by any Spriter run-time/plug-in, so it should only be used if you're happy with just exporting your finished animation as sequential images.


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It will never be finished in Spriter Pro. We're working on Spriter 2 which will heavily feature deforming in its core feature set, and it will be a free upgrade for those who own Spriter Pro.
We can't accurately estimate when Spriter 2 will reach version 1.0 though, so stay tuned for progress reports.

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