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  1. It's been six years since this request and Godot has taken off massively! Any news on Godot support in Spriter?
  2. Thanks Mike, that's perfect! I had seen Ctrl+U and Ctrl+I in the menus and thought that was what I wanted but I needed the video to demonstrate how to use it.
  3. It's been almost five years since this was requested so I presume it has now been implemented but I can't figure out how to do it. I would very much appreciate it if somebody could explain how to move all bones uniformly across all keyframes. Specifically: I'm no artist so I bought a Spriter ready animation but all frames are centred on the pelvis of the character and I need the centre point to be at the feet. How can I move all bones in all keyframes so that they are move up the Y axis? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. That looks exactly like what I was thinking of. Is it still in development? Do you have any idea when it might be ready?
  5. If I have a sprite of a tree (for example) can I use Spriter to animate it as if blown in the wind?
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