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Rick Hodgin

Append animation to other animation

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In Spriter Pro, how can I take an existing animation and copy it into another animation, or append it to the end of another animation?

For example, I have three animations Idle, Walk, Run.  I want to take those animations and combine them into Idle, Walk, Run, Walk, Idle so I can create transitions (transitioning from Idle to Walk, Walk to Run, Run to Walk, and Walk to Idle).

If there was a way to be able to reference the original sequence without actually copying it, so changes made there update changes made in the combined one, that also would be great.

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I am trying to workaround this limitation by going into the key frames of my other animations and copy them over one at a time, but I don't seem to be able to Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+V an animation onto another one, but only onto the same one.

How can I select one or more frames from one animation copy and paste them into another animation?

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Hi Rick. I'm very sorry, somehow I never saw this thread until now.

To answer your most recent question, clicking in the canvas and pressing control plus shift plus C will copy everything in the canvas at that point in the timeline. Then you should be able to paste that into even a new and empty animation via standard Control+v. This has always been a major part of my workflow when creating all the animated characters for the art packs.

There's no way to copy several key-frames and their timing and append them to the end of another animation without doing it manually, one frame at a time unfortunately. I'll discuss this feature with Edgar for Spriter 2.

Sorry again for somehow missing your posts until now.

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