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Assets misplaced after crashing?

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I've been working on a project with Spriter for a short while which is why I'm unsure whether this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong with assigning assets to bones, but this happens when Spriter crashes and I restart it; some art assets get set off their intended spot, away from assigned bones and other assets. 

Also to note some assets are being used as skins and I had trouble with getting those to work properly(as in the program would crash time and again or editing the Mesh points would stretch the asset out of shape) so I'm suspecting the experimental nature of the skin function may also be doing something to cause this?

I'm not sure, but any help would be appreciated as it is rather tedious to fix that up after every time the program crashes. Thank you!


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Skin mode is not an official or supported feature. It was a proof of concept experiment and was abandoned with known and unknown bugs. If you use skin-mode there are many possible problems that could arise that you would need to figure out workarounds for.

A few community members like BWWD have successfully used skin mode to many many great animations. You might want to try contact then for insight into working around the quirks of this unsupported feature.

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