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Jake Hankins

Cannot Export idle_attack

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It worked when I exported the character, but I positioned the sword swing where the player's hand would be so I can just draw it onto, but when I go to export the images, it didn't work on my tablet, so I downloaded the program on a more powerful computer and it still won't work.

If anyone can help me out, I would really appriciate it.




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You're welcome. But keep in mind making an object negative 680000 pixels tall and wide is also a very bad way to make it no longer visible.

There is a manual in Spriter which you can access by choosing help/help in its menu.
Have you also watched all the quick tip and getting started videos?


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What OS are you using Spriter on? I think I might be able to spot any issues with your work flow or bugs if I saw you trying to work, so if you want to do a screen recording I'd take a look.

What specifically about bones is not working?

Are you making sure to fully rig your character before creating any frames other than the initial frame at zero in the timeline?


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