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stop frame and continue time lime

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Hi! my name es Albert

I would like to know how to stop an animation in an absolute position and that the sprite is not seen but the time line continues its course


that the animation goes to where the brand is and after that there is no move anymore then I will add another animation

What I want to do is like a balloon that reaches a certain height and then explodes


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There are many ways to accomplish this.

One easy way is to create a small empty PNG image and then use Sprite'rs image swap feature to just change the balloon image to the invisible one at the moment you desire.

Another method is to drag up the timeline editor to reveal the timeline specifically for the balloon and create a new key-frame for it at the moment you'd like it to disappear and actually delete it. (make sure looping is turned off for the animation) Scrub on the balloon's timeline to just a millisecond after you want it to disappears, click the "key selected button", then click on the balloon in the canvas and press the delete key.

similarly, you could switch the key-frame of the balloon to instant instead of linear tweened and then bring its opacity immediately to zero to make it look like it instantly disappears.


Or you could image swap the balloon into the image of the pop effect.

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