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Import from Krita with same x,y coordinates

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Hello guys,

I'm using Krita to draw my characters, but I would like to import each part (torso, legs, head, etc) with the same coordinates as in Krita : for now I'm able to export each of them as a unique layer, but I still have to place them manually. Is there a way to do it faster (and with more elegance) ?

PS : I am currently using this plugin https://github.com/chartinger/krita-unofficial-spine-export, but it's designed for Spine and I can't find how to import a .json into Spriter (and I don't even know if it's possible).


Thanks in advance !





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Quite some time ago we had commissioned an official Krita developer to add Sprite export directly to Krita but unfortunately, until we can re-address it with them, it was left buggy and unfinished. I'll bring it back up with them after I wrap up several pressing matters.

Until then unfortunately, you might have to do it manually. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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